Winter planning starts today

National Snow Removal is here to help your business stay operational throughout the harsh winter months. Our mission is to ensure safety while providing our clients with professional and on-time snow removal services.

National Snow Removal has teams on standby around the clock waiting for the moment that the snow hits. While our teams and partners follow stringent safety programs and training programs during the off-season ensures that our operators have safety on their mind while operating in, on, and around your property.


De-icing can help prevent ice from forming on sidewalks, pavements, parking-lots and other surfaces to help reduce the likelihood of slips and falls on your property.


This is perhaps the most common way of removing snow from smaller locations and sidewalks in busy cities with heavy foot traffic.

Plowing & Hauling

Keep your roads and parking lots clear. We have highly trained teams and partners that are able to plow, re-locate, and haul snow off-site.

Sidewalk Clearing

Having a clear walkway is essential for businesses during the snowy winter days. Avoid unwanted falls and treks through the snow.

Pre-Season Planning

Effective snow removal doesn’t start at the hint of the first snowfall, but well before that. Our pre-season management planning ensures that you are ready before it’s too late.

Weather can have a significant impact on the productivity of your company.

That is why National Snow Removal ensures a tailor-made plan for your business needs and requirements to help make sure that your business stays operational and your employees and clients stay safe.

We believe in being proactive, responsive, and adoptive. Every client has their own needs and requirements, hence our open channel of communication with the customer to ensure your needs are met 24/7, regardless the time of day.

Save Money

Trucking companies lose billions of vehicle hours annually due to weather conditions like snow and ice. This consequently causes companies 10s of billions of dollars as entire supply chains get disrupted when snow hinders their operation.

Prevent Injuries

Slips and falls on slippery and icy surfaces further lead to thousands of hours of lost productivity for businesses throughout the country during America’s harsh winter months.

Focus on Your Business

While our team of meteorologists and commercial snow removal crews work closely together to focus on the upcoming snow or ice events and maintain your commercial property during snow storms, you can focus on your business.

National Snow Removal carefully selects ice melts based on:



Safe for Pavement & Concrete

These are important factors to minimize the corrosion of your surfaces in the long run.

For specific requests, we also provide pet-friendly and eco-friendly de-icing for residential customers, pet-chains, and customers near parks or rivers.

De-Icing, Salt, & Pre-Treatments

This is one of the most important components to keeping your property safe during the winter.  Using ice-melts, de-icing, or anti-icing materials should be based on their effectiveness and quality. De-icing can help prevent ice from forming on sidewalks, pavements, parking-lots and other surfaces to help reduce the likelihood of slips and falls on your property.

Pre-treatments are not only important to prevent ice build-up during cold temperatures, but also to help keep snow from sticking to your sidewalks, pavements, parking lots, and other surfaces during snow storms. This helps to ensure clean surfaces when we remove the snow and to avoid re-freeze after the storms that could create patches of ice.

Why It's Important

Helps to prevent injuries

Keeps paths clear for foot traffic

Required by law in many states

Clearing sidewalks and pathways near and around your property ensures that employees and clients alike can easily make it into your building.

Sidewalk Clearing

While a necessity almost anywhere, sidewalk clearing is a big part of owning a property in cities across the United States during the colder months. In places where foot traffic is the main form of transportation, the sidewalk in front of your property needs to be clear enough for pedestrians to walk through. Whether you are on a busy street or have your own private lot, sidewalk clearing helps to prevent injuries and is required by law in most states.

Each state has slightly different regulations for sidewalk clearing, but National Snow Removal is well versed in them all. As a leader in our industry, we take the time to properly clear away snow and ice so that your walkways meet all requirements and help you avoid injuries on your property. All of our crews are equipped and trained both with shovels and the newest sidewalk machinery such as snow blowers, brushes, and plows specifically designed for sidewalks in busy cities.

Benefits of shoveling:

Fit into tight spaces

Allows for easy access

First line of defense

Twice as fast

Minimal disturbance

Shoveling allows your location to be serviced twice as fast with twice the results on getting as close to bare-pavement as possible while also minimizing any disturbance in front of your location during the snow storm.

Snow Shoveling

This is perhaps the most common way of removing snow from smaller locations and sidewalks in busy cities with heavy foot traffic. Shoveling allows crews to easily access and service your busy locations without the use of large plows or machinery. They can fit into tight spaces and remove unwanted snow from your sidewalks, entrances, and exits.

This is the first line of defense during a snowstorm. However, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the competition and continuing to innovate and automatize our services, to ensure we provide our customers with the best and most timely service possible.

Areas We Serve

Industrial Sites


Parking Lots

Distribution Centers

Commercial Properties

National Snow Removal operators and partners use the finest heavy-duty, commercial-grade snowplows and equipment to help remove snow from commercial properties.

Snow Plowing

Our teams of operators and partners are fully insured and equipped to help your location stay operational during snowstorms. Snow plowing is often the first line of defense against winter delays for industrial sites, warehouses, fulfillment centers, and other properties dependent on heavy vehicle traffic. Having a trained snow removal team and operators synchronized with one another can help reduce or completely eliminate downtime during critical hours of operation, especially for those industries that rely on the efficient flow of working vehicles.

With our years of experience, we are fully aware of the importance to your business in minimizing and eliminating any downtime due to snowstorms and staying operational. Our team of snow removal operators and partners prepare off-season with our carefully selected training programs, pre-storm trainings, and safety programs. This ensures our operators have safety on their mind while operating in and around your properties.

Benefits of Snow Hauling:

Maintain adequate parking space

Keep entrances & exits clear

Reduce snow load off of fragile surfaces

When snow piles become too excessive during or after a storm, snow hauling helps in a multitude of ways.

Snow Hauling

In some cases, your property may not be able to house excess snow piles after or during heavy snowstorms, which could cause disruptions to your business during operational hours.

We have highly trained teams and partners that are able to re-locate and haul snow off-site. Through skilled drivers, heavy-duty equipment, and careful planning, we can help customers haul their excess snow piles to another strategic location on- or off-site.

Our teams can remove the excess snow!

Why chose National Snow Removal as your snow and ice management partner?

As a snow-only company, we ensure swift response times and minimal delays during snow storms. We take a proactive approach, training and working the entire year for our teams and partners to be ready for when the first and last snow falls at your location.

We continually keep a direct and open line of communication with our customers and operational managers, while optimizing and innovating to ensure the best and highest level of services. We use the latest equipment, machinery, de-icings, and technology on the market to service America’s largest companies during the snow season.